One of supposed three prototypes with  which the Jomar /Grantura development started.


How my TVR experience begun.

I started collecting English classic sports cars in the early 1970s and had already acquired some TRs, Sunbeams and MGs when I decided to add a nice coupe to my collection of open English classic sports cars. I felt a TVR Grantura would fill the gap although I did have a few other cars in mind, among them the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale, Giulia Sprint Coupe, AC Aceca, Sunbeam Harrington or Triumph TR4 Dove not to forget the Tubolare Zagato. Financial considerations eventually convinced me to go for a less expensive car, an early TVR.
On my next trip to the UK with my little lorry which I used to pick up collectibles, I kept an eye open for a TVR. And believe it or not when I stayed overnight not far from Dover I noticed an advert in Exchange & Mart from a dealer in the area offering an early Grantura for restoration. I called him that night and made an appointment at his premises for the following morning.Of course I didn’t show too much immediate interest in the Grantura MKIIa and chatted to him about another TVR due in several weeks later before coming round to the Grantura which I then bought. Over the past forty odd years I have built quite a collection of TVRs and acquired in-depth knowledge about these cars and their restoration. Rebuilding TVRs is what I want to talk about here.

When classic car fanatics talk about restoring or preparing cars for racing, the conversation often develops into a heated discussion about originality (authenticity). In the case of high-volume production cars this only becomes an issue if one delves in deeply since all the options and model variants are reasonably well documented. However, this doesn’t apply to small-volume cars like the TVR which makes it difficult to say if all the variants listed here are authentic. Some may be, others not. My objective is to show what might possibly have been offered ex-factory or subsequently modified. In cases where the design and/or the construction finish comply with good manufacturing practice I have assumed they are original.

To be continued